Our Vision


Our vision translates into five key areas:

  • Transforming Culture and Environment

All AIM Academies Trust schools will be a calm, focussed and happy environment for learning. With simple yet consistently implemented systems and structures. There will be the highest expectations for all students where we will 'sweat the small stuff' to ensure a culture of aspiration and drive . We also strive for the physical environment to be inspirational for students and families, supporting the ethos of developing Leaders for Tomorrow.

  • Transforming Curriculum and Outcomes

All AIM Academies Trust Teachers will teach a high quality shared knowledge-rich curriculum with a common assessment framework in line with other AIM academies. The curriculum is developed collaboratively amongst schools and refined due to teacher input and the students' local needs.

  • Transforming Teaching and Teacher Development

All AIM Academies Trust Teachers will all have access to the highest quality instructional coaching; to ensure all teachers are teaching consistently great lessons. We believe teacher development is a core aspect of our work and develops a culture committed to continuous improvement. This belief led to London Academy one of the founding schools behind the Institute for Teaching that delivers the first-ever Masters in Expert Teaching.

  • Transforming Leaders and Leadership

All AIM Academies Trust schools will offer leaders at all levels the opportunity to develop, grow and flourish in this vocation. We have established the AIM Alliance Schools that currently has 21 partner schools in which we schools direct places alongside delivering the NPQML and NPQSL alongside wider qualifications such as a Level 2 Certificate in Mental Health delivered in partnership with the charity Place to Be.

  • Transforming Lives

AIM Academies Trust is committed to ensuring everyone, adults and young people, flourish and thrive in their life. AIMAT is committed to achieving transformational outcomes in their broadest sense, not just the highest academic standards but equipping children to have a transformational impact on their community. We have an entitlement curriculum cultural capital.

At a school level this translates to:

All young people will become 'Leaders for Tomorrow'. Leaders who determine their own destiny, leaders of their communities and leaders of their chosen career.

  • Determining their own destiny means our young people are in control of their futures. They have a strong moral compass and a clear direction in pursuing their life goals.
  • Leading in their communities means our young people selflessly serve their families, their local, national and global communities.
  • Leading in their chosen career means our young people are prepared to enter a profession with prospects and flourish and thrive.