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Developing our Leaders

AIM Academies Trust are acutely aware that safeguarding the future of teaching to ultimately inspire students to develop a lifelong love for learning is vital. Developing talented leaders from all backgrounds who can deliver educational excellence in a self-improving system.

Across the Trust there is a strong commitment to ensure all staff are supported and developed professionally, encouraging personal development but also developing skills that are particularly relevant to our schools and students. This year a large focus has been upon ensuring consistent methods of communication have been adopted by all our staff when teaching from our reception class through to sixth form. As an all-through trust ensuring common educational practices are embedded is a significant benefit to staff and students.

London Academy’s motto, ’Leaders for Tomorrow’ starts with the dedication and leadership of a great teacher who inspires students to work towards the future they want. Becoming a great leader in teaching requires a compelling vision, courage, passion, emotional intelligence, judgement and curiosity. London Academy aims to support aspiring leaders to build their skills, confidence and capacity to become exemplary leaders. As the lead school of AIM Alliance, London Academy have a strong reputation for delivering NPQ Middle leadership and NPQ Senior leadership training for our staff.